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CONTACT: Terry Copacia
Call: 248-709-1029
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4667 Dixie Hwy, Waterford Twp, MI 48329

Group Training

Group Training

For Aspiring and Experienced QBs currently in Grades 4-6 and Grades 7-11
Use our off-season training program to work the fundamentals
necessary to raising YOUR game to another level.

NFL Starting Quarterback Cooper Rush talks about
attending Focus Football Group Training

Coach Copacia’s QB Tip of the Week

Group Training Schedule 2022

All-State Quarterback School Group Training
Conducted at UWM Sports Complex
Located at 867 S. Blvd. E Pontiac, MI 48341

Winter Session (6 dates)

Sun Jan 9                    9:15-10:45
Sat Jan 15                   8:15-9:45
Sun Jan 23                  9:15-10:45
Sun Feb 6                    9:15-10:45
Sat Feb 12                   8:15- 9:45
Sun Feb 20                  9:15-10:45

Spring Session (4 dates)

Sat Mar 12                  8:15- 9:45
Sun Mar 20                 9:15-10:45
Sun April 3                 9:15-10:45
Sat April 9                  8:15- 9:45

$99 per session

*Pre-payment for each individual session thru Venmo is required unless other arrangements have been with Coach Copacia.
*If paying by check, please make payable to Terry Copacia.
*Participation will be limited to ensure more personal instruction
*Walk-ins will be permitted only with prior approval. 

Trevor Harris, NFL & CFL Starting Quarterback,
attended Focus Football Group Training at ASQBS

90 Minute Group Training Session

What will take place in a typical 90 minute Group Training Session?

• Each session will consist of drills that pertain to both passing and footwork development
• Agility Ladder drill work will be a constant component of each session
• QBs will be paired with another QB of similar skill level
• Instruction in all aspects of the QB position will be included
(snap from center, handoffs, tosses, carrying out fakes, play-action pass techniques)
• Throwing on the run and back foot throws will be a regular component of training
• Escape and scramble drills
• 1 and 3 steps drop as well as throwing with a hitch or shuffle step
• Throwing a consistent spiral, throwing for accuracy, throwing with added power will be a constant focus throughout all training sessions.
• Each session will have a “special emphasis” period where some aspect of playing QB will be specifically addressed and worked on.



Why consider Off-Season Group Training with the All-State Quarterback School?

The quarterback position is one of the most challenging positions in all sports. It requires a year-round commitment to fundamentals. The off-season is the time to master the many facets of the position. Our group training program will provide quarterbacks at the youth and high school level, the opportunity to work on the necessary throwing fundamentals as well as footwork-related drills.

Participating in our Focus Football Off-Season Training Program will be an integral part of your off-season development.

Proper techniques and skill development as it pertains to all aspects of the quarterback position will be stressed.  Our program will help you to refine your skills as a QB and provide a proven plan of action that can result in your success!

All Group Training Sessions are at UWM Sports Complex 867 S. Blvd. E Pontiac, MI 48341 • (248) 648-7000