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Testimonial Videos From NFL Quarterbacks

Full Testimonial Video 2.25

:30 Sec Promo

Full Testimonial Video 2.25

:30 Sec Promo

Full Testimonial Video 2.25

:30 Sec Promo

Promotional Videos

1 ON 1 Quarterback Training Stewie 1:00
ASQBS Promo Video 2012 1:00
ASQBS Orientation Video 8:25
Fox Sports Presents Michigan’s Top 25 QB’s This Quarter Century
Includes Coach Copacia Trained QBs
Video Coming
Original ASQBS Explainer Video 3:00

Family Testimonial Videos

Coach Copacia’s 1 Minute QB Tuesday Tips Of The Week

#1 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Maximizing “Spin” On The Ball

#2 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

“Seating” The Ball To Throw

#3 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Importance of a Wider Base

#4 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Turning The Ball Back

#5 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Understanding Weight Transfer

#6 QB Tips Of The Week

Keeping Your Elbow Parallel

#7 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Reducing Tension When Throwing

#8 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

A Consistent Release Point

#9 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Off Arm Relaxed Position

#10 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Throw A Better Deep Pass

#11 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Balance In Throwing Motion

#12 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Throwing A Consistent Spiral

#13 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

Throw With More Power

#14 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

More Videos Coming Soon

#15 QB Tuesday Tip Of The Week

More Videos Coming Soon


Keep Your Skills Sharp With Our Online Training Videos

Quarterback Throwing Drills Every Successful QB Knows

Terry Copacia “Official” Instructional Online Video
5 Components Of Fundamentally Correct Throwing

This complete video presentation explains the fundamentals for the aspiring quarterback will become basis of how to throw a more efficient pass. Repeated viewings of this DVD will reinforce the fundamentals necessary to succeed at the quarterback position.

Terry’s concepts, clearly illustrated on this video, will help both the young quarterback as well as experienced ones improve their overall performance, especially at game time. Incorporating the 5 components demonstrated and described in this presentation, a quarterback’s throwing motion will become more efficient, powerful and accurate.

The 14 drills in this DVD will address all components of the 5 Part Throwing Process. This drill routine can serve as both a warm-up before practice as well as an off-season throwing routine to stress correct fundamental movements associated with throwing the football.

This video is a must-have for any quarterback.

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The Important Quarterback Fundamentals You Need To Know

Terry Copacia “Official” Instructional Online Video
How To Improve As A Passer

 This 60-minute DVD video extensively targets all aspects and everything that a quarterback needs to know and understand – from pre-snap responsibilities to releasing the football. If throwing a spiral or throwing with power and accuracy are concerns, this video will be a valuable addition to your video library.

Coach Copacia demonstrates and explains in detail, the proper throwing mechanics that will help both the aspiring and the experienced quarterback. What is explained on this video are the same fundamentals Coach Copacia has taught to the thousands of athletes he has trained for over 33 years. You will benefit and improve your game by viewing this video.




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Off-Season Quarterback
Training Program

Terry Copacia “Official” Instructional Online Video
A Must Have DVD for The Off Season

 This 40-minute video explains and demonstrates a 7-step training plan that will give any aspiring quarterback the edge needed to stand out above the competition. The major focus of this video is to provide a quarterback with a practice routine that stresses basic footwork and throwing fundamentals.

 This systematic plan consists of agility ladder drills, warm-up throwing drills, fundamental movements specific to the quarterback position, 1step. 3 step and 5-step footwork mechanics, throwing on the run as well as throwing off balance. The drills and movements that are showcased in this video are those that all quality quarterbacks need to and use in actual games. This off-season plan will help any quarterback play with confidence, poise and the necessary skills to ultimately succeed at every level.

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Training Program

Terry Copacia “Official” Instructional Online Video
The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Quarterbacking

This DVD will demonstrate and explain 17 different quarterback footwork drills that can be used as an off-season footwork routine or as a warm-up routine prior to throwing. Becoming a successful quarterback starts with proper footwork mechanics.

This video will provide Coach Copacia’s key coaching points that are essential to proper footwork development. Each drill is explained in detail and then performed by quarterbacks who have played and found success using Coach Terry Copacia’s system.




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Cooper Rush
Landing Catholic – Central Michigan – Dallas Cowboys

Craig Krenzel
Ohio State – Chicago Bears – Cincinnati Bengals

Bradlee Van Pelt
Colorado State – Denver Broncos – Houston Texans

Kirk Cousins
Michigan State University – Washington Redskins – Minnesota Vikings

Trevor Harris
Edinborough State – Jacksonville Jaguars – Toronto Argonauts – Ottawa Redblacks

Adam Follett – University of Indiana
Austin Appleby – Purdue University
Tyler Van Tubbergen – Western Michigan University
Kyle McMahon – EMU – Grand Valley State University
Heath Parling – Grand Valley State University
Isiah Grimes – Grand Valley State University
Ollie Ajami- Grand Valley State University
Sean Charette- Grand Valley State University
Cody Harris – Edinborough State University
Anthony Mifsud – Hillsdale College
C.J. Mifsud – Hillsdale College
Tyler Scarlett- Michigan Tech

Shaye Brown – Michigan Tech
Mitch Robinson – Northwood
Mark Morris – Northwood
Austin Ernst – Ohio Dominican
Jacob Leclair- Saginaw Valley State
Sean Guinane- Wayne State University
Tyler Crowell – Wayne State University
Chad Hamilton – Albion
Chris Lum – Lehigh University
Giovanni Rescigno – Rutgers University
Nathan Bossory – University of Pittsburg
Alex Ward – Tiffin College

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