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Aspiring & Experienced Quarterbacks
Boys Entering Grades 6-11

 Off-Season Winter & Spring 2018

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All Camps Will Take Place At Ultimate Soccer Arenas
867 S Blvd E, Pontiac, MI 48341 Pontiac, MI
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867 S Blvd EAST, Pontiac, MI 48341
Coach Quote
"Great quarterbacks have the ability, under high pressure game time situations, to recall and execute the fundamentals and techniques they learned and have practiced"  The game requires that you PROVE IT over and over again.

Use our off-season training program to work the fundamentals necessary to raising YOUR game to another level.  

Elite Off Season Training Sessions
The quarterback position is one of the most challenging positions in all of sports. It requires a year-round commitment to fundamentals. The off-season is the time to master the many facets of the position. Mini Camp training will provide quarterbacks in grades 6-11 the opportunity to work on the necessary fundamentals on a periodic basis while you are participating in another sport. 8 - 90 minute training sessions will be offered starting in January through July.

All quarterbacks will be paired off with quarterbacks of similar age and ability level. High school age quarterbacks will work together. Junior High school quarterbacks will work together as well. A 15-1 player to coach ratio will be maintained throughout the training. Learn from experienced and knowledgeable quarterback coaches who will take personal interest in each and every quarterback.

Each day will consist of a 30 Minute Classroom Session, followed by a 90 minute field session which will consist of approximately 45 minutes of footwork/agility training and 45 minutes of fundamental throwing. In addition, each Mini Camp session will feature a special emphasis for the day. (i.e. Throwing for power, Long Ball, etc...) This is not a camp where you will throw the football hundreds of times each session. The emphasis will be on quality coaching and quality throws. Proper techniques and fundamentals will be emphasized throughout each training session.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to continually improve your skills in the off-season. Great quarterbacks make the most improvement working hard between January and July. Register today! Preregister for multiple sessions and save.

90 Minute training routine will include the following:
  • Fundamental Movement Session
          (movements that all QB's will make in a game)
  • Quick Foot Agility Ladder Drill Session
  • Fundamental Throwing Drill Session
  • All quarterbacks will be taught Terry Copacia's 5 Step throwing program
           (The 5 Components of a Fundamentally Correct Throwing Motion)
  • 1-3 Step Drop, with hitch (plus one step)
  • 1-3 Step Drop without hitch
  • Roll out passing session
  • Off Balance Throwing session

All Sessions Are 2 Hours - 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Featuring 30 Minutes of Classroom Instruction & 90 Minutes On The Field

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