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1 on 1 Private Quarterback Training with Terry Copacia

Upcoming Schedule
All 1 on 1 Private Quarterback Training with Coach Terry Copacia is scheduled at mutually agreeable days, times and location. All ages.

Take advantage of 1 on 1 private quarterback training with Coach Terry Copacia - where the focus is entirely on you. Coach Copacia has successfully coached and trained over 13,000 quarterbacks over the past 33 years with many have gone on to play college and professional football. 

The 1 on 1 approach to private training maximizes the time spent together so that the techniques and corrections will be taught instantly with the help of video analysis. This 1 on 1 experience is for both the advanced quarterback and inexperienced quarterback. Feedback and further instruction will take place immediately through video tape analysis of each quarterback.

Teaching Philosophy

All quarterbacks must possess a fundamentally correct efficient throwing motion, regardless of the type of offense.  Quarterbacks must have a plan to succeed and know what to practice to improve. This 1 on 1 private quarterback training will provide experienced instruction and a plan to improve.

Videotape Instruction and Analysis

All Drills will be taught using video tape analysis prior to the training session. Periodic quarterback video analysis will take place during the training session addressing any aspect needing correction. At the conclusion of each training session, we will watch parts of the training session to review the positives and address any area that needs further instruction.

Proper Throwing Mechanics

Without an efficient, accurate and powerful throwing motion, it is impossible to play at your highest level. These three objectives will be extensively addressed in private training.

Muscle Memory

The basis of this training is footwork and throwing motion repetition.

The Plan

The plan to success will involve learning a 14 drill sequential warm up routine that will serve as both a pre-practice as well as an off-season practice format.

Private training sessions will include the following:
  • Throwing a consistent spiral
  • Throwing a more efficient pass
  • Throwing with a quicker release
  • Throwing a more accurate pass
  • Throwing with more power
  • Throwing a more effective deep ball
  • Throwing more effectively on the run
  • Throwing off a 1 step, 3 step, and 5 step movements
  • Throwing off play action movements
  • Agility ladder training
  • Extensive footwork movement drills
  • Defensive recognition / learning to read defensive coverage
       (optional upon request Initial Single Session( 2 hour) training Price
  • Video analysis on how to throw a more efficient pass
  • Video review of drills that will be worked on
  • Throwing fundamentals / assessment – instruction
  • Learn a sequential fundamental throwing plan that involves 14 warm up drills
  • Throwing on the Run Techniques– practice routine
  • 1 Step Drop Techniques
  • 3 Step Drop Techniques
  • Post session Video analysis of quarterbacks workout

Youth QB Training for Boys ALL AGES
Youth private quarterback training with Terry Copacia is also available for boys in 3rd thru 6th grade.  This program is tapered to each quarterback's age and ability. There are major benefits to learning the proper fundamentals at a young age.

Registration Information
All quarterbacks will receive the All-State Quarterback School manual.
The following All-State Quarterback School Training DVDs will be included.
     - Quarterback Drills: The 5 Components of a Fundamentally Correct Throwing Motion
     - Off-Season Training: 7 Step Off-Season Training Program

Playing quarterback is one of the most challenging positions in all of sports. The off-season is the only time to master the many facets of this demanding position. The ultimate goal is to make each quarterback’s throwing motion more efficient and consistent.  Individualized training will require interested participants to travel to the northern Detroit suburbs. The session will likely be conducted in an indoor facility. Bring indoor gym shoes AND FOOTBALL CLEATS.

Coach Quote
"My approach to helping quarterbacks improve is to provide a plan which incorporates a variety of throwing and footwork drills. The athlete can practice on his own utilizing the components of the plan".

Coach Quote
"Quarterback skill development, drill development and agility training as they pertain to the QB position will be stressed".

Training will take place at:
                                          Virtual Baseball Complex
                                          4667 Dixie Hwy
                                          Waterford, MI 48329
                                          (248) 599-9550

4667 Dixie Hwy Waterford, MI 48329

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For more information on coach Copacia 1 on 1 Private Quarterback Training, please call (248) 709-1029.

Hotel information (if necessary) will be provided once session date and time are confirmed. Plan to bring indoor gym shoes (no cleats) a football and water to each session. 

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